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Anxiety, Pills, and Depression- oh my!

I tried to make the title cute so this post wouldn't be a total bummer... Did it work?
Before I get started I posted the video that inspired this post below. I happened to stumble upon it after watching several of her makeup tutorials (my youtube guilty pleasure). It's nice when these things end up finding you. I was able to relate to a lot of her thoughts on "deleting the bad" and trying to explain anxiety to others. Even if you don't want to watch this specific video, or don't want to read the rest of this blog post, her makeup tutorials are fun and cute and cool! 
Okay, let's get into it:
A couple of months ago I decided to switch antidepressants for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I felt them interfering with my libido. Like seriously, what a bummer. I was finally feeling okay-ish about life again, but I felt like my relationship with my significant other was different and not in a good way. It took me a while to figure out why I was feeling this way, but …

ABQ Adventures

If you've read my last couple of posts you know that I've been busy putting together a zine for the ABQ Zine Fest which was just this past weekend! 

We ended up pulling together a pretty good variety of work to put into the zine. Early on we decided to keep it purely visual and use as little text as possible. I thought it was a pretty interesting approach considering that most zines I'd seen either had a combination of both text and visuals or just text. I'm not sure if that idea just wasn't as appealing as I thought it would be or if it wasn't the right audience, but we didn't end up selling that many. Initially I was disappointed with the lack of sales, but it wasn't because I was expecting to make a ton of money. I was mostly disappointed because it didn't seem to grab people's attention like I thought. I guess some people are just into certain things and you can't really control the way they react. It's really hit or miss in situation…

Dealing with Depression

One of the craziest things about depression is that it can sneak up on you out of no where. 
Last week I was writing a post (obviously unfinished) about how I felt like my mental health was finally on an upswing, but in the blink of an eye I felt like all my progress and confidence were lost. Over the weekend I entered a deep depression and it felt worse than any of my lows in recent memory. It was triggered by a rather insignificant event and instead of being able to pull myself up and out of a negative thought process, I was sucked in to a dark place that lasted over a day. It was probably one of the longest and emotionally draining days I'd had in a while. Luckily, I woke up on Monday morning feeling mostly back to my normal self. 

I was alone for most of Sunday which was really, really hard. It's hard to come out of something like that when you're physically and/or emotionally alone. In order to keep myself going that day I looked up some ways to help deal with depressio…