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ListeningFrankie Cosmos.

Looking Branding and layout.  I'm working on my revamping my portfolio so I've been looking at a lot of branding and layout for inspiration.


Weekend Adventures

This weekend was pretty tame, but in a good way. Like I was lazy but still kinda got stuff done.
I made this delish dinner and breakfast with bae. I'm not even gonna try and pretend to be a food photographer so both photos below are from their respective websites cuz although my food tasted good, it didn't look that good.

Grocery shopping. Note: I usually do multiple grocery trips a week so this isn't everything. Not even close...

Progress in my list notebook. I use this in addition to my daily planner to make sure I get ish done.

Eating healthy and cooking at home is pretty time consuming so that was pretty much my whole weekend. I'm not complaining though! :)

Itching for a Change

I'm at the point where I'm fed up with my hair again. I recently posted on Instagram that I'm considering getting an undercut again despite knowing how annoying it is to grow out. I basically just finished growing it out but I'm already bored/annoyed with my current hair situation.

During the week I don't do much with my hair. I have to wear an ugly button up as part of a work uniform so at that point my attitude is like "why should I even try?!" Usually my hair is thrown up in a messy bun or ponytail. If I'm feeling super fancy I go do half-up. I've only worn my hair down to work a handful of times. It can get in the way of answering the phone and honestly it kind of makes me feel overtly feminine in a work place full of old dudes. Like literally, I'm the only female and everyone else is at least twice my age. Ugh, don't even get me started.

Wearing a uniform 40 hours a week makes me feel "blah" and I'm definitely not as expre…

Weekend Adventures

Sneaker shopping in El Paso
Neely Tour kick-off show

Student Juried Art Show


In an attempt to be more responsible with my spending/shopping I've started using some new (to me) methods when it comes to purchases. I've unintentionally started following a couple of minimalist bloggers and I've come to notice that their intentional shopping and lifestyle in general is pretty inspiring. Do I think I could ever be a minimalist? Hell to the no. I like my stuff. I'm the kind of person who attaches meaning to objects which makes it hard for me to get rid of things. But the idea of simplifying at least some parts of my life is really appealing to me.

I think the main area of my life that I'd like to simplify is my closet. As you may or may not know, I've been working on downsizing my wardrobe for a while. I've been selling and donating clothes on a pretty regular basis for about 6-8 months now and I'm seeing the results. But somehow I still have way too many clothes. While I've been able to part with a good chunk of clothing I still fi…

Who runs the world?

A day late, but we should really celebrate women and gender equality every day so here you go!

I've been spending a lot of time focusing on healthy eating. It's taking up a lot more time/energy than I anticipated. It's worth it thought, right? Anyway I'm planning on sharing some of my favorite recipes on here soon! Hope everyone's having a good hump day! If not, go here.


The past couple of weeks have been kind of cray to say the least. My grandpa was dealing with some serious health issues that essentially turned everything upside down. He's now (thankfully) back home and starting on a long journey of recovery. Now that everything is relatively settled down again I've had a chance to process how and why his health issues escalated so quickly.
I've now realized that a lot of what happened to him could have been prevented through proper diet. This was a real wake up call. These health issues aren't only his; they run in my family and have the ability to trickle down and affect me as well.

Previous to one of the major events of my grandpa's stay in the hospital I had made the commitment to go through another round of Whole30. Having had success previously with this "nutritional reset program," I knew how many benefits I could get from changing my diet alone. I also knew how desperately I needed these benefits. My eating was …