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Not-So-Fun Size

I've been talking about my shopping habits quite a bit here lately. I definitely have a better understanding of my shopping patterns and I think it's been good for me to evaluate why and how much I'm shopping. I've had mostly positive outcomes because of these changes, but I've also had some unpleasant experiences now that I'm much more intentional with my shopping. Nothing horrible obviously. I mean, it's just clothes! But regardless, I've had some unexpected experiences.

Someone commented on my last post saying that the moment you start looking for specific items they seem to disappear from all the shops. This couldn't be truer! I swear, now that I'm actually looking to buy things nothing is in stock! I've spent a good two months or so planning what I want to spend money on and it's so frustrating not being able to find those items. But the most prominent issue I've faced recently is sizing.

Like most of us I was a lot thinner in hig…

Weekend Adventures/ Wish List Shopping

Welcome to my very late weekend adventures/ wish list update!

I spent a portion of this past weekend with my SO at school while he was screen printing. I mostly bugged him and caught up on the latest season of Girls so it was a pretty productive Saturday IMO. We also got take-out sushi and smoothies (from different places, obvi). We hardly eat out any more so it was a nice treat! The sushi place had a few vegetarian options which I was happy about, but I often forget that not everything labeled vegetarian translates to vegan. We got a veggie tempura roll and realized after ordering it that the tempura batter probably contained eggs or even milk... It was a bummer but I still ate it cuz #food. I just learned I'll have to be more careful when eating out.

On Sunday I spent the afternoon shopping with my mom for two very specific items: a pair of black Levi skinny jeans and the 501 Gradient New Balance sneakers. Unfortunately, I found neither.
I've had my eye on New Balance sneake…

Foods for Cheaps

Random post about my plant based diet: IT'S SUPER CHEAP GUYS.

I got all this food yesterday for $7, no joke. Maybe it does't seem like a lot to some people but I was pretty stoked leaving the grocery store. I'm using the strawberries for breakfast toppings/smoothies and the rest of it I used for jalapeƱo hummus and dipping. The hummus was actually my dinner last night because, like, I wasn't hungry after a huge lunch of rice, beans, spinach, and avocado salad! So far I'm really enjoying how cheap and easy meals are. It's a pretty big difference from my previous eating habits that included expensive proteins and longer prep/cook times. Physically and mentally I feel great so I'm excited to keep going! Happy almost-weekend!

Weekend Adventures

This weekend I hung out in the school print room with bae. There was a poster still hanging that a couple of classmates and I printed and it made me all #nostalgic.

My dog fit three pinecones in his mouth and I literally can't handle how ridiculous he looks. He's obsessed with playing fetch with pinecones so it's not that like that weird, but still weird.

Shopped for a plant for my grandma's birthday. It took so much self control to not by myself some cute little succulents!

P.S. Apparently Solange Knowles was at White Sands recently?! That's like 40 minutes away from me. I feel blessed.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


I recently completed a Whole30 and it went by super fast! Originally I was planning on doing a Whole45 or Whole60 but sometime between then and now I became curious about a plant-based diet. I stumbled upon a few vegan bloggers' recipes while looking for Whole30 recipes and noticed that they had a common thread: a focus on consuming minimally processed, whole foods. There are obviously big differences between these two lifestyles, mainly the whole animal products thing, but there's no dairy, minimal processed food, and an emphasis on listening to your body. While I was on the Whole30 I already got used to not eating dairy, staying away from processed foods, and being in tune with my body so I figured that a transition to a plant-based diet wouldn't be too difficult. I really like the Whole30 program and I think it provides so many benefits for so many people but I need to confess something: meat grosses me out. And on a paleo based diet you're eating meat with EVERY. M…