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We're making a zine!
And by "we" I mean my friend, Anne, and I.  There's an annual zine fest in Albuquerque and this year we're going to collaborate and attend! Anne went last year with her own zine and had an awesome time. When I realized that the event was coming up again, it seemed like a good idea to finally attend since I had been meaning to for a while. I was interested in collaborating because I wasn't sure if I could come up with enough content to fill a zine (and keep it engaging) by myself. It's also fun to collaborate in general. I think Anne and I have similar aesthetic interests so it works out well. We're also having other friends contribute so it's going to have lots of different styles and perspectives in it. I'm so excited to be working with friends again. It's something I definitely miss about school. It's easier to get inspired when you have other people's feedback and are able to bounce ideas off each other. 


Weekend Adventures

This is essentially two Weekend Adventures in one because, well, life happens.
Last weekend (Labor day weekend) I went to a Purity Ring concert and it was amazing! Definitely exceeded my expectations. They had awesome, over the top lighting that tied the whole experience together. They talk about their show being an experience in this interview, plus they play a few songs live and they sound amazing! People love lights, by the way. I really love going to live shows, but I always forget that at larger shows there will always be larger crowds. Seems obvious but for some reason it always takes me by surprise. I always get overwhelmed in those situations but this show was definitely worth enduring it all.

I also got to go to a very special birthday party last weekend. My friend Beverly came into town and celebrated her daughter's first birthday while they were here! How cuuuuuuuute, right?! Beverly is the first person I've known IRL to have a blog and pretty much inspired me to star…

Weekend Adventures

I had one of those weekends where you're too busy doing all the things.

I spent a majority of the weekend crashing with one of my oldest friends. Her (new-ish!) fiancĂ© went out of town so she decided to have a girls' weekend at her place. We made cocktails, ate junk food, watched Netflix, slept on an inflatable mattress, and last but not least, listened to a lot of Selena. Like for real, we love Selena. These are things we've been doing since we were in elementary school (minus the cocktails and Netflix for obvious reasons) and it was fun to get to 'relive' those old memories! 

An old friend of mine happened to be visiting this weekend so I also got to spend some time with him. He moved to Albuquerque for college and is now running for city council there! He's one of the most dedicated and driven people I know. I guess you kinda have to be if you're running for public office in your early twenties! 

Salsa Fest was also this weekend. I missed the tasting com…