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That New New

Welcome to the new year!

I've been slacking with blogging (like months of absence) but I'm back at it. If nothing else the new year at least motivates me to do things. It just feels like a good time to get shit done.

Lots has happened since the last time I posted.

1. Got not one, but TWO, new jobs.
My "day" job is at NMSU working for a department called Media Productions. We're stationed within the college of agriculture and I work as a graphic designer for print and digital media. Basically I make logos and promotional media for different groups associated with the college of ag. The agriculture department is one of the biggest on campus and has programs all over the state so I'm getting to do work for a variety of different clients. I made a joke with an old colleague that I'd be editing pics of horses all day but that has yet to happen. The main program I'm working with focuses on nutrition and cooking for those on SNAP benefits. A lot of what I…