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I was recently visiting my grandma and we somehow ended up going through old pictures that she has. Basically the ultimate #TBT, right?! She has TONS of photos that I swear she never shares with anyone. She's an oddly private person. Anyway, my parents just celebrated their 24 year anniversary so photos of them in their young years were the ones that peaked my interest the most. Below is documentation of puppy love in the late 80's and early 90's.

Going through old photos is such a trip! It's fun to see my parents pre-parenthood. They were probably more fun then. JK.  Happy TBT!

Weekend Adventures

Valentine's day was SO much fun this year guys! Me and my beau made breakfast for dinner and watched a movie (Burnt- would recommend, especially if you're into cooking shows and stuff). This wasn't just any breakfast though. We went ALL. OUT. 

First up: heart shaped eggs because they're adorable!  So, there are devices specifically made to create hearts out of eggs and even though we ordered one from Amazon using a prime account, it didn't arrive on time. Our next option was to find heart shaped cookie cutters and use those instead. We found some at Target (die-hard Target girl, right here!) and got super excited. Unfortunately, the paint came off the red cookie cutter while my BF was trying to cook the eggs inside of it. It was gross and scary. Instead we opted to fry eggs in a tiny egg pan and use the cookie cutters to cut the eggs out after they were cooked. This worked WAY better and didn't involve any paint leaching. Tiny egg pans FTW!
Then came the bacon …


This Spotify playlist. For each day of Black History Month, Spotify is creating playlists that highlight different Black icons in music. So far this one and a previous J Dilla playlist have been my favorite. I listened to a lot of jazz in my high school days (what up jazz band?!) so this playlist is pretty nostalgic. Also, very appropro for this upcoming Valentine's day. <3

I've been looking at lots of different hand lettering recently, mostly on Instagram. My grandpa loaned me his calligraphy set and I loved playing around with it. This past weekend I was in Albuquerque and picked up a few things from an art store to start my own collection. I'm attracted to both classic gothic lettering and whimsical brush lettering so I'm excited to experiment and see what I come up with!


Drawing a blank

Drawing.I have a love/hate relationship with it.
It's one of those things where if I feel at all pressured to do it, I simply won't. P.S. I'm really a toddler. Jk, but for some reason I've always had that (toddler-like) approach to it. I think all of us love to draw when we're little, and it totally makes sense! We finally learn how to hold a pencil, control our extremities,  and it keeps us occupied for like 10 minutes which has parents everywhere rejoicing. It involves dogs/flowers/dinosaurs/other "kid stuff" and probably tons of colors. It's a skill set above coloring (finally, am I right kids?!) that we can master before learning cursive. Anyway, what I'm getting at here is that I loooooooved drawing when I was a kid. Aside from reading and eating Cheetos, it was like my main thing.
Fast forward to approximately 10 years later: I went to college and majored in art and I was like forced to draw all the time. I hated it. Something about being told…

A Hairy Situation

I feel like there's been a lot of talk lately around females and their body hair. It might just be action in my little corner of the internet, but I still feel compelled to talk about it. When I finally sat down to write this post I was just like- wait, why am I writing about body hair? Specifically body hair on females? It's so ridiculous that this is really even a thing. It shouldn't even be an issue because, well, why does someone else care about the hair on another person's body? I've come to the conclusion that  often times it's people who are insecure or bothered by their own body hair that feel the need to comment on someone else's. I'm not saying that I'm exempt from judging other people based on my own insecurities. I think we're all somewhat guilty of that. But it seems that for some reason, this body hair issue is so thoroughly engrained in all of us that we (myself included) often don't realize how much it affects us.

One of the…