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Big Magic

I recently started reading the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and so far I'm loving it! You probably can't really tell from the title, but it's essentially about living a creative life. She has a pretty interesting philosophy regarding ideas, inspiration, and how humans interact with them. I suppose it's technically a self help/ user guide type book, but she doesn't approach it that way. She simply writes about her own experiences and the observations she's gathered from others. Still, it's pretty interesting to learn about someone else's perspective on creativity.

Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of the famed novel Eat, Pray, Love. I never read the book (sorry, just didn't interest me) and fell asleep during the movie (sorry again)! I had no idea until I started reading this book that it was by the same author. For someone who had a book on the New York Times Best Sellers list for over 200 weeks and then had that book adapted to a mainstream m…

Back on the Mat

I fell off the wagon people- the consistent blog post wagon. It's dumb that I have yet to find my rhythm/schedule but maybe this is my rhythm? Just sporadically posting? Lol.

Anyway, I'm here to talk about my recent jump back into yoga. Back in my early college days I was really into yoga. I practiced almost 7 days a week thanks to the free classes provided to students at the campus activity center. Sadly, as my curriculum got more demanding, my class schedule got much more restrictive I didn't find time to fit yoga into my life. I was occasionally able to visit a pricey private yoga studio after the free classes on campus no longer fit my schedule so I felt I was staying on track for a while.
Then my senior year came. I'm sure many people can relate to me when I say that my physical and mental health fell to the bottom of my priority list during this time. Aside from hurrying between classes and moving around in the print room I became pretty inactive. I was also real…

Weekend Adventures

On Friday I finally picked up my new prescription glasses. They're a really low prescription and I only need them occasionally but my insurance covered most of the cost so I couldn't justify not getting them, you know?

Saturday morning my BF and I were able to try the brunch hot bar from our local co-op. We both had tofu scramble with peppers, onions, mushrooms, and potatoes. We also tried the vegan sausage and had a wheat tortilla on the side. It was pretty good and it was nice being able to go out for brunch but it was kinda pricey for what we got. It's a nice option to have but I doubt we'll be frequenting the brunch hot bar too often.

Saturday night I dog sat for a family member while they were out of town camping. It was fun to be able to hang out with different dogs (is that a weird thing to say?) but also they were a lot of work. The older pup has bladder control issues along with a variety of other health issues that require a strict schedule of meds and meals.…