Weekend Adventures

On Friday I finally picked up my new prescription glasses. They're a really low prescription and I only need them occasionally but my insurance covered most of the cost so I couldn't justify not getting them, you know?

New glasses, new me. Jk.

Saturday morning my BF and I were able to try the brunch hot bar from our local co-op. We both had tofu scramble with peppers, onions, mushrooms, and potatoes. We also tried the vegan sausage and had a wheat tortilla on the side. It was pretty good and it was nice being able to go out for brunch but it was kinda pricey for what we got. It's a nice option to have but I doubt we'll be frequenting the brunch hot bar too often.

Vegan brunch!

Saturday night I dog sat for a family member while they were out of town camping. It was fun to be able to hang out with different dogs (is that a weird thing to say?) but also they were a lot of work. The older pup has bladder control issues along with a variety of other health issues that require a strict schedule of meds and meals. She's a generally happy, goofy dog tho so it's chill. The younger, smaller dog is healthier, except for the fact that we're pretty sure he was abused before he was adopted. He's really cautious around new people and has severe separation anxiety. Last time I watched him he refused to eat for a couple of days and it was super sad. This time was way better though! Granted I had to sit with him while he ate and he still didn't eat all of it but it's better than nothing! He's such a sweet and gentle little guy I literally can't imagine what would make someone want to hurt him or any innocent animal. He has a really loving family now, it's just sad to see that his past still influences his perceptions of people.

Saia and Jacks, two v cute pups.

I ended up accidentally eating veggie egg rolls instead of veggie spring rolls while I was dog sitting and it made me suuuuuper sick. The egg rolls contained milk (in addition to eggs, duh) and being that it's been at least six months since I last consumed dairy I'm not surprised I had a bad reaction. Lesson learned: always read labels, and probably just lay off the processed food in general. 

I've been trying to dedicate a lot more time and effort to myself and doing things that I want to do lately, but that's easier said than done. Being your own priority is hard. I meant to spend more time this weekend relaxing, catching up on sleep, and working on some creative stuff I've had on the back burner but instead I ended up with an upset stomach, cleaning up dog pee with less sleep than I've gotten in a while. I'm trying to get back on track so wish me luck with this week! 


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