That New New

Welcome to the new year!

I've been slacking with blogging (like months of absence) but I'm back at it. If nothing else the new year at least motivates me to do things. It just feels like a good time to get shit done.

New year, new bed.

Lots has happened since the last time I posted.

1. Got not one, but TWO, new jobs.

My "day" job is at NMSU working for a department called Media Productions. We're stationed within the college of agriculture and I work as a graphic designer for print and digital media. Basically I make logos and promotional media for different groups associated with the college of ag. The agriculture department is one of the biggest on campus and has programs all over the state so I'm getting to do work for a variety of different clients. I made a joke with an old colleague that I'd be editing pics of horses all day but that has yet to happen. The main program I'm working with focuses on nutrition and cooking for those on SNAP benefits. A lot of what I'm doing benefits an underserved community in New Mexico so I'm happy to be using my skills to do something helpful and positive. My last job definitely didn't fulfill that need for me so it's been a really nice change.

The second job I picked up was a seasonal (recently turned permanent) job at Target. I work on the sales floor a few days out of the week and so far it's been a really good experience! It's my first experience in retail and I've learned a lot. I work in a department titled "hardlines" which means the sections on the hard/tile floor excluding market, baby, toys, and electronics. Each of those aforementioned sections are their own, but mine basically covers personal/health care, kitchen, stationary, and home decor. It was kind of overwhelming at first but I'm getting more and more used to it. I'm mostly responsible for keeping the aisles organized, stocking, helping guests, and occasionally helping out on register. On paper it doesn't sound like a lot but it fills up a six-hour shift super quickly. It's a completely different environment and pace from my job at NMSU, but I like having a mix of the two. I sit all day while I'm designing so it's a nice change to run around the store on a busy shift. One time my pedometer on my phone tracked 6+ miles on my shift which is kind of insane considering how small our Target is.

2. I moved in with my partner!

We signed the lease a week before Thanksgiving which made our holiday season super crazy but also extra special. I still have a few boxes laying around but my other half is completely unpacked. We have yet to finish decorating but I think we're okay with taking our time with that. We tried to minimize our stuff before moving in together (my partner may have done better at that than I did) so we're trying to avoid buying a bunch of crap for the sake of decorating. So far everything has been pretty intentional and thought out as far as decorating and we intend to keep it that way. Moving right before the holidays was one of my main motivators for getting a second job. Christmas presents + rent deposit in the same month = yikes! I really like our apartment and I'll probably post a few pics once we've done some more decorating. Living with a partner has had its challenging moments but overall the positives far outweigh any of the negatives.

3. New creative endeavors.

I'm now part of an all female artist collective here in the southwest called Las Hermanas de Sangre. It started out as a single show but now we're planning on doing shows year round! I haven't been able to be as involved or dedicated as I normally would be since the last few months have been so crazy but our first show is coming up later this month and I'm pretty excited. I'll be sharing more on that as the show gets closer!

The end of 2016 was pretty crazy. I'm looking forward to starting out this year with more focus on my personal well being and creative endeavors. I'll be posting here regularly and I hope to see ya'll around!

P.s. Check out my Top Songs of 2016 from Spotify. It's kind of a terrible playlist with super popular rap/hip hop/R&B songs plus rando 90's throwbacks and a few indie/alternative appearances. It's a pretty accurate depiction of me tbh...


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