Weekend Adventures

Happy last weekend before school starts, guys!

Even though I'm not in school any more, it's hard to avoid those back-to-school vibes when you're living in a small college town. The dynamic of our town definitely changes when school starts back up again. The campus traffic is definitely worth avoiding in the mornings, coffee shops are packed again, weeknight events are hard to come by, and bars are kind of the worst. I don't really go to bars that much anyway, but there's a notable (and miserable) difference. 

Anyway, here's a couple of (horrible iPhone) photos from this weekend:

The Pioneers of Prime Time TV opening for Courtney Marie Andrews at Art Obscura last night!

If you ever have a chance to see The Pioneers of Prime Time TV perform, you have to see them. The two man group is absolutely enchanting and the violinist has the voice of an angel. They don't have their newer stuff up on their Soundcloud, but rest assured that it's also awesome. Courtney Marie Andrews was the main act of the night but I forgot to take a photo because she is also mesmerizing. This is one of my favorite songs that she played. The venue, Art Obscura, is an awesome local art gallery and gift shop that also hosts musical performances. How awesome is that?! I went to school with one of the owners, who also just happens to be a remarkable painter. The paintings you can see surrounding the band are part of his personal show up right now and they're amazing!

La Luz at The Lowbrow Palace in El Paso, Texas.

La Luz (!!!) came through El Paso on their tour and kiiiiiiilled it. Like, so good. Everyone was dancing and had an awesome time. The Lowbrow Palace is a pretty cool and intimate venue. I've seen a few great bands come through there. The only thing that sometimes deters me from going there more often is that their shows always start sooooooooooo late. Like hours late and I'm not exaggerating. Thankfully this show was on a Friday night so my granny tendencies subsided for the evening. My friend got their new vinyl (check that ish out right hurr) and my boyfriend got a pretty sweet shirt. But I mean, I got this awesome grainy photo so it evens out. 

Below are some school supplies that I'm swooning over but obviously can't justify purchasing. 

This planner.
This journal.
This bag (in my dreams).
And this cutting mat. I just really like pink...

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend as well and if you're going back school just know that school is for fools. Jk, good luck!


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