He's bae forever and ever.

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Also, Wildernessa's podcast. So far I've heard her talk about a lot of awesome topics like health, veganism, religion, marriage, and body image. So yeah, I'm hooked.

Karsyn & Collin DuPree
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Frida Kahlo. She's one of my biggest inspirations and I was channeling her a lot when illustrating one of my recent prints.

Henry Ford Hospital

Unos Cuantos Piquetitos/ A Few Little Pricks

A recent print, titled "Atypical."


Big Magic.
Still reading, still good. I took a break from the book while working on prints but a lot of her words encouraged me to just go for it rather than sit and ruminate on whether or not I was making my best work or if it was good enough. It was a good way to break the cycle of perfectionism that can paralyze me when it comes to creative work.

Also, weird timing for me to be reading Gilbert's book because she's currently in the news about her new relationship. I think it's awesome for her and I really like her open, transparent approach to living in the public eye.


I'm grateful to feel productive and creative again. I'm grateful for the people surrounding me that support and encourage me. I'm still dealing with other unpleasant issues in my life right now, but for the time being I'm trying to focus on the positives. 


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