two thousand sixteen

Brb still trying to grasp the concept of time.

For real though, give me a second. Does anyone else get weirded out by this? Time is so weird. Anyway, a few things have recently been put into perspective for me thanks to the new year...

1. 2016- isn't this supposed to be like, "the future?" Zenon? Hello?
2. My younger brother graduates from high school in two years. Officially feeling old.
3. I graduated high school in 2010. Feeling older.
4. 2015 was the fastest and the longest year of my life.
5. I'll be 25 next year. That's a quarter of a century. Haaaaalp.

I'm not really a resolutions kind of gal, but the beginning of the year still presents a clean slate and a "fresh" feeling. I usually like to come up with a list of general goals for the year. Nothing too specific but more like an outline for the year to come. I've listed some below in no particular order!

• Learn what my personal version of healthy is- AND THEN DON'T LOSE SIGHT OF IT. This past year I struggled a lot with both mental and physical health, but through those struggles I learned a lot about what does and what doesn't work for me.
Save money. I feel like that's probably on everybody's mind after the new year because the holidays tend to empty some peoples' bank accounts. (I hope that's just not me!)
Be productive in my own way. A lot of time I compare myself to others and their accomplishments which is a.) not healthy and b.) not realistic. This year I want to focus on my own goals and gauge them off my own progress.
• Step away from the digital world more often (LOL, as I'm writing a blog post). I've learned that Facebook and online new sources often cause me the most anxiety. It ranges anywhere from social anxiety, to FOMO, to reading terrible news stories from around the world that keep me up at night. No bueno. I find a lot of inspiration through blogs, Instagram, and Tumblr so I'm planning on sticking to those and focusing on the positive aspects of online networking. 

Hope everyone has an awesome 2016! 


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