Itching for a Change

I'm at the point where I'm fed up with my hair again. I recently posted on Instagram that I'm considering getting an undercut again despite knowing how annoying it is to grow out. I basically just finished growing it out but I'm already bored/annoyed with my current hair situation.

During the week I don't do much with my hair. I have to wear an ugly button up as part of a work uniform so at that point my attitude is like "why should I even try?!" Usually my hair is thrown up in a messy bun or ponytail. If I'm feeling super fancy I go do half-up. I've only worn my hair down to work a handful of times. It can get in the way of answering the phone and honestly it kind of makes me feel overtly feminine in a work place full of old dudes. Like literally, I'm the only female and everyone else is at least twice my age. Ugh, don't even get me started.

Wearing a uniform 40 hours a week makes me feel "blah" and I'm definitely not as expressive with my appearance as I used to be. I would wear cute dresses and lipstick like almost everyday in school, and now I'm stuck in an ugly polo and jeans. I think it's part of my identity that's been missing for a while so I'm trying to get back into it. First stop: HAIR.

Below are a few images I've been using as inspiration to decide on a new do.

All images via Pinterest.

There are obvi a few themes I'm interested in:

  1. Undercuts: As I mentioned before, I'm gravitating towards another undercut. Perhaps a shaped one or in a different place. I really liked having one in the summer because I have extremely thick hair and it's just nice not to have like five pounds of hair on your head in 100+ degree weather.
  2. Choppy micro bangs: There's only been a few periods of time in my life when I didn't have bangs. My forehead is weird and shiny. It's not even large, it's just weird. Anyway I've had micro bangs for the past few years and I'm sticking to it.
  3. Bobs: I've also had a few bobs in the past, but I think I have yet to successfully pull one off. I just get so lazy with my hair that I often don't spend time figuring out styling or hairdos that work for me. If I get a bob again I'm gonna commit and make it work!
  4. Pastel colors: I've been wanting to color my hair again for a while. The last color I had was teal in the ends of my hair and it was super fun! My taste and style has definitely changed a bit since then so I'm leaning more towards muted pastels right now.
  5. General cuteness: Always and forever! Jk.

I'll probably end up doing some combination of aforementioned styles, but I'm still very much in the planning stage. There are two major factors influencing/postponing my decision: ONE- I don't know if I have room for a cut, color, and style in my budget right now and TWO- I don't know if I trust anyone to do one, if not all of these things to my hair. I have the worst luck with hairstylists. I always walk out with something I hate no matter how many photos I show them or how many questions I ask. I've been to like 10-15 different hair salons in town and I've yet to be impressed with any of them. I've contemplated cutting my own hair but like I said before I have A LOT of it and I'm terrified to bleach it myself since it's basically pitch black. Any time I lighten my hair it takes at least three salon sessions, so I don't even really trust myself with that. 

In the mean time a gal can pin away on Pinterest and dream of a new do.


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