Confessions of a #GIRLBOSS/Saint

Forgive me, Internet, for I have sinned...

Okay. Confession time. My first two blog posts were made at work. I KNOW. Who am I!? I'm really not a terrible employee. I get all my work done on time and it's done correctly. It's just that sometimes there's not a lot of work to be done. So lately instead of mindlessly browsing the internet I'm trying to be a little more productive in my time spent online. Hence the start of this blog! (Disclaimer: I realize the risk of putting this information online, but I've made the commitment to be completely honest on here. While I do sometimes feel guilty for using my work time to do non-work related things, I'm not really provided with a lot of opportunities to move up or fill my time otherwise. So here we are.)

Over the weekend I started reading Sophia Amoruso's #GIRLBOSS and let me tell you, I'm only 50 pages in and I'm already really fucking motivated. She definitely tells it how it is- no sugar coating and no bullshit. It's pretty refreshing and helpful to see someone who didn't take a traditional path to success. I've been dealing with some motivational issues myself due to a recent diagnosis of depression. While I am currently medicated (Sophia references her own bout of dealing with medicated depression) and feel more functional, I'm still feeling the heaviness of being unmotivated and generally feeling down. It's hard to explain the feeling of depression so I hope I'm making some sense. Does any one have any helpful tips for staying motivated in general or even related to depression? I've learned that talking openly about mental health has made it easier to understand so I'd like to open a discussion about it!

Anyway I'm glad that I finally picked up the book. At this point, taking an interest in reading again is kind of a big deal for me. This book came into my life at just the right time and I hope it can positively influence me to be more proactive in my own life. I recommend the book even if you're not interested in becoming a #GIRLBOSS; it's entertaining in it's own right. I've heard mixed reviews but I usually try and go into things with no expectations so I can truly evaluate it myself. I'll be doing a full "review" when I finish the book!

Other thoughts that came up over the weekend included me trying to find a focus for the blog. These first few posts are rather generic "about me" things. I always like to learn about the blogger and see if my interests also align with their personality. It's a pretty interesting process. Sometimes I'll find that my interests are similar (design, decor, fashion) but our personalities don't align or vice versa. I wanted to give my readers (are you out there?) the chance to do that with this blog. I have a few ideas of what I'm going to focus on thanks to this handy blog post! I've been finding a lot of helpful blog posts about blogging (BLOGCEPTION). I love learning and doing research so this is overall turning out to be a pretty fun endeavor for me. Let me know if you have any suggestions for blog posts about starting a blog! 

My weekend in photos:
1. Dolled up for Downtown Boys/ 2. Sunday Morning/ 3. Cold brew coffee and homemade almond milk


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