I'm feelin'... 23?!

Hi, hello, hola, howdy, etc.

Santana here! 
I'm starting a blog and it's starting here, right now- today! I've been thinking about doing this for a while now. Ever since I graduated I felt the need to create a space to express myself (corny, I know). Apparently it was something I took for granted while going to school. Getting to walk into a space everyday dedicated to creating, learning, and experimenting had its own energy that I've yet to find somewhere else. After months (basically a year) of feeling unmotivated and somewhat lost I'm taking it upon myself to create my own space to learn and grow. So, welcome to that space! 

I just turned 23 two days ago. I'm not sure exactly what 23-year-olds are supposed to be doing at this point in their lives but I figured it was a good time to start a blog. I'll be updating hopefully rather frequently and I'm excited to start something new. Let's see where this goes!


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