Weekend Adventures

This is essentially two Weekend Adventures in one because, well, life happens.

Last weekend (Labor day weekend) I went to a Purity Ring concert and it was amazing! Definitely exceeded my expectations. They had awesome, over the top lighting that tied the whole experience together. They talk about their show being an experience in this interview, plus they play a few songs live and they sound amazing! People love lights, by the way. I really love going to live shows, but I always forget that at larger shows there will always be larger crowds. Seems obvious but for some reason it always takes me by surprise. I always get overwhelmed in those situations but this show was definitely worth enduring it all.

Inspired by Purity Ring

I also got to go to a very special birthday party last weekend. My friend Beverly came into town and celebrated her daughter's first birthday while they were here! How cuuuuuuuute, right?! Beverly is the first person I've known IRL to have a blog and pretty much inspired me to start my own! She's an awesome photographer, mom, and friend so I was happy to get to see her.

Fast forward to this past weekend. I went to the Mother of Pearl Block Party in downtown El Paso. Mother of Pearl is a relatively new record store that I have yet to visit. It's not because I haven't had the chance or that I don't want to. But listen, if I go into a record store I always leave with my bank account hurting SO. BAD. I can't help myself. Since I'm trying to be more responsible and intentional with my spending I basically have to avoid places like that (as well as thrift stores, H&M, and Ulta, uuuuuuuugh). I've heard so many great things about their store though, and this event that they put together turned out awesome! They had tons of local bands playing (including some of my friends/ more friends) and they brought in some big name artists to a larger stage. There were quite a few local vendors selling clothes and jewelry and a couple of awesome food trucks and alcohol tents. I'm currently doing my second Whole30 (more on that later) so I didn't really indulge in any food truck treats, but my friends did and I heard there was some bomb mac and cheese there!

It's been a weird couple of weeks and I'm hoping to get back on track with everything (including blogging) soon!

Hope everyone has a great week!


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