We're making a zine!

And by "we" I mean my friend, Anne, and I. 
There's an annual zine fest in Albuquerque and this year we're going to collaborate and attend! Anne went last year with her own zine and had an awesome time. When I realized that the event was coming up again, it seemed like a good idea to finally attend since I had been meaning to for a while. I was interested in collaborating because I wasn't sure if I could come up with enough content to fill a zine (and keep it engaging) by myself. It's also fun to collaborate in general. I think Anne and I have similar aesthetic interests so it works out well. We're also having other friends contribute so it's going to have lots of different styles and perspectives in it. I'm so excited to be working with friends again. It's something I definitely miss about school. It's easier to get inspired when you have other people's feedback and are able to bounce ideas off each other. 

First collage completed!

The zine is titled Trinity because it is based off of three main concepts: nature, the human body, and spirituality. After looking at our previous work together, Anne and I found that these themes ran through both of our artworks. We both also come from catholic childhoods so this is kind of our way of creating our own "holy trinity" through our own perspectives while reevaluating faith and religion. So that was a big, wordy explanation behind what is relatively a simple final product. We don't really want it to be that complicated. We've asked friends for art of any media that references nature, the human body, and/or spirituality. Like literally if it has a tree in it, we gonna put it in. 

Above I posted details of my first piece that I finished for the zine. I'll be posting details of them as they're finished, but I won't be posting full versions- I'm saving it for the zine!

Has anyone else ever made or contributed to a zine? If so, what kind? Also, if you like the theme and want to participate feel free to contact me and submit! 


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