Halloween 2015!

October is over people. OVER.

It's really true that time seems to go by faster as we get older. Haaaaalp, make it stop! Now it's November and there's Christmas decorations in Dillard's (I saw it with my own eyes) and I'm kind of freaking out. 

The one good thing about October being over is that Halloween happened! I really love the fact that this holiday is just based on having fun. Getting to dress up, stuff your face with candy, and kind of just be dumb for a day is pretty cool.

I've been wanting to do a couple's costume for a while now because I think they're super fun and cute, but also they require a fair amount of planning. Planning isn't my thing. The couple's costume thing didn't happen this year but I think my boyfriend and I pulled together some pretty awesome costumes anyway!

My boyfriend was Sam from Moonrise Kingdom (perfect, right?!) and I was the one and only Frida Kahlo! Frida is definitely an inspiration of mine and I was majorly obsessed with her in high school so it was fun to get to dress up as her. I think the costumes ended up working out so well because we both had some of the physical characteristics from our costume inspirations. I already had the skin color and hair down (and to be honest some of the facial hair, too) so it was easy from there! Also the whole costume ended up being pretty cheap which is always a plus! I ended up buying the top (which is actually a dress) and a couple of scarves from Savers with a coupon, so it was even cheaper than cheap! I also picked up some flowers from the dollar store and the costume was pretty much done... or so I thought! Creating the unibrow ended up being harder than I expected. I wanted to make it look as realistic as possible and not "costume-y" so I made a trip to Ulta and invested in some eyebrow pomade. I'll probably still use it throughout the fall because eyebrows are a thing now. 

Costume inspo!

My boyfriend's costume ended up being pretty easy too! He already had the glasses and adorable face- all he needed to do was shave off all is facial hair, which is like the opposite of what I had to do... The most complicated part was making all the patches (which he did) and then sewing them on (which I did). He didn't want to spend a lot of money on his costume either so he got a lot of things from Savers as well. Savers forever!

Close up! Note the peach fuzz mustache. #details

After we got all dressed up we went to our friend's house for a Halloween party where some local musicians were playing. A lot of the musician's were playing quieter sets so it was kind of awkwardly quiet for some time. Definitely one of the tamer Halloween parties I've been to...

Some other things we did to celebrate Halloween:

1. Ate lots of candy
2. Ate lots of pizza
3. Watched Halloweentown

Hope everyone else had a fun Halloween weekend! Time to start planning that couple's costume...


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