Long time, no see

It's so weird how time seems to speed up and slow down whenever it wants. I'm still in shock over the fact that 2015 is coming to an end. Where did that year go? What did I do all year long? Aye, that's a question for another time...

The whole year seemed to fly by, but these past few weeks have especially seemed to slip away from me. I think that's kind of how it happens every year. The "holidays" are always rather overwhelming for me. Prepping for family time and trying to make Christmas lists definitely stresses me out. That combined with the fact that the sun sets 30 MINUTES AFTER I GET OFF WORK makes time seem irrelevant. So here I am, end of November, still trying to think of the perfect gift to get each person I love. It's obviously pretty unrealistic but I like to think that one year it might happen...

I don't have the time (okay, maybe I do) or money (definitely don't have the money) to get everyone sentimental and personal gifts. I don't think gifts have to cost a lot of money, but even if I do get everyone on my list a small gift it kind of starts to add up. Even when it's homemade, supply costs seem to creep up on me. Regardless, I usually go the homemade route because staying home and making things beats wandering aimlessly around crowded department stores. I always want to make sure things I give are functional or at least treasured by the person receiving them. I don't want to give them junk that will just collect dust. They can buy that crap for themselves. JK. Here are a few homemade gift ideas that (hopefully) won't break the bank:

1. These soaking salts and milk baths (watch out, Lush!)
2. Marble crochet hooks for my crafty friends
3. Boot cuffs cuz they cute
4. Chillaxin' pillow mist
5. When all else fails, every body can use a chunky scarf, right?

If you've got any homemade holiday gift ideas, throw them at me!
And in case I forget to blog for another month: happy holidays!


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