Weekend Adventures

Happy Tuesday everybody!
I overslept this morning after some bizarre dreams and woke up thinking it was Wednesday. I'm kind of sad it isn't hump day...

I'm currently eating some quinoa curry at my desk on my lunch break. It's kinda sad, but at least I have a job, AMIRITE?! Anyway, this curry came out amaaaaazing. I ended up eating a lot of junky food over the weekend thanks to a lack of planning and my non-vegan family hosting a very non-vegan mother's day dinner. There was some stuff I could eat (grilled veggies, chips and guac, etc.), but I ended up indulging in soda and maybe too much chips and dip. Come Monday morning I woke up feeling like a bus ran over me. I was eager to get back on track with my eating habits. I spent a good chunk of time browsing quick vegan meals on Pinterest and eventually stumbled on this recipe. I ended up modifying it quite a bit to use ingredients I already had. Instead of garam masala I used regular curry powder (still delish, btw). I also threw in a bunch of bell peppers and left out the brown sugar since I was pretty sure a lot of what I was feeling Monday was a result of too much sugar in the first place. It only took about a half hour to make and I have enough for a few days of lunch!

Photo via Yup, It's Vegan!

I FINALLY CUT MY HAIR! It's amazing. I found a new hairstylist that I really like. She totally understood what I wanted and was happy to work with me. Total win.

Car Selfie

A bunch of other fun/cool stuff happened over the weekend but I'm really bad at taking photos of things so I'll just keep them to myself for now. Kbye!


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