Get out of my niche!


So my last post was a little bit of an experiment. It was exciting for me to write because it included a lot of topics that I'm really passionate about, but I also wasn't sure if it was too IN-YO-FACE. I mostly wanted to see what it would be like to share some of my very strong personal opinions and then see how I felt about it. Overall I feel good but it still feels weird...

If you couldn't tell I'm still trying to decide what kind of content I want my blog to include. There's so many options! I've thought about focusing on opinion based/current event writing like that last post because, well, I have a lot of opinions guys. While that idea is appealing to me, I also feel like it could very quickly turn into me just complaining about lots of things- like isn't that what Facebook is for? I've also thought about focusing on physical and mental health since I'm personally working on both, but it's a very slow (and maybe not that interesting) process. I've considered having my blog keep track of creative experiments. Even though I'm not feeling particularly creative rn I think it could push me and serve as motivation. I've also contemplated a daily blog type thing but honestly nothing exciting is really happening in my life rn. Like my weekdays have started to blur together because they're so monotonous. I think I would get bored just writing about my day-to-day life so how could I expect other people to read it?! Plus, I am not good (like, pretty bad actually) at taking photos and documenting my daily life which I feel is a pretty major component of daily blogging.

Here's a random meme I've been obsessed with. Also, me IRL.

I haven't shared the fact that I have a blog with too many people or on social media because I'm still trying to figure out what I want it to be. I think without the added pressure of having too many readers I'm able to freely experiment. (Also imagine if I ever got the point where I felt blogger pressure?! LOL) I'm definitely looking forward to sharing my corner of the internet with more people soon though, so I'd like to work on finding a niche that works for me.

I hear from so many bloggers that you're supposed to find your niche and not stray from it. That in order to get and keep readers you need to be consistent in your content. And while I completely understand that point of view, I'm not necessarily worried about getting the most.readers.ever so I'm thinking maybe that doesn't apply to me? This space is more for me than anyone else so it seems silly to try and please other people here. I think finding a niche or topic that I'd like to focus on would primarily help me. There are times when I just sit at my computer wondering what to post about. And it's not because I don't have ideas, I just can't decide! I have ideas that span across so many different interests that it's hard to decide on one thing. I think giving myself some boundaries and guidance would definitely help me feel more organized and motivated in regards to blogging.

So if you have a blog/vlog I'm interested to know how (or even if!) you decided on a niche and why. I'm totes curious.


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