Weekend Adventures

This is a combo of a lot of weekend adventures. A lot has happened in the past month or so and I wanted to share!

Me being a creep in the (pink!) bathroom after margaritas.

This past weekend was pretty chill and fun. We started out the weekend by grabbing some overpriced margaritas and guac to celebrate my boyfriend's graduation! He actually graduated almost a month ago but so much has been happening that we had to put off our celebration plans. We celebrated the actual day it happened with his family but I wanted to treat him to a night out because he way deserved it! I also ended up having "dinner" while we were out. I say "dinner" because eating out while vegan is kinda weird sometimes. Like if you're not at a place that specifically caters to that diet, you end up ordering some odd stuff. A lot of advice online about eating out while vegan suggests ordering several things off the sides menu and putting it together as a meal which is what I ended up doing. I had chips and salsa/guacamole, a side of rice, and a side enchilada with no cheese. The side enchilada was literally just a corn tortilla with chile sauce that I paid like $3 for, which is like the price of an entire pack of corn tortillas so that was kind of annoying. But it was my fault for not eating before so whatever. The margaritas were delish so it was worth it!

Vegan sushi!

The next day we went shopping and made sushi for dinner! My boyfriend had previously worked in a sushi restaurant so he knew what was up. I helped make a couple of rolls and it wasn't as hard as I expected at all! Seriously, SO delicious! We also ended up making our own pickles. My BF had seen "snacking cucumbers" at the store and I love pickles so it only made sense. It was way easy and I'm really excited to try them! I guess I'm a bougie snack girl now?

Trail on "A Mountain."

Altar at the top of the mountain.

Sunday morning we took a hike in the relentless sun. We both forgot to put on sunscreen and ended up with some pretty gnarly sunburns. That okay tho, that's how you know it's summer in the desert. While on the hike we talked a lot about an upcoming project that we're planning and how I've been super inspired by the colors of the desert in the summer. It was a good way to end the weekend but it really tired me out. We're planning on doing a bit of hiking this summer so hopefully I'll get used to it and get in shape!

Last weekend (Memorial Day weekend) my brother celebrated his 16th birthday (brb, crying cuz I'm old). Last year I took him to his first concert/music festival called Neon Desert in El Paso and he LOVED it. We decided to do it again this year and he had a blast. I have to admit it's a little out of my comfort zone because it's so crazy packed and loud but I ended up having a good time. We got to see STRFKR, Tyler the Creator, Tory Lanez/A$AP Ferg, Future, and best of all Ludacris. LUDA. All my early 2000 middle school dreams came true that night. There was obviously a ton of other acts that we caught parts of that weekend and lots of other stuff we did but basically that's what stood out to me.

Opening night of my boyfriend's show titled sacred//profane.
Here's a link to his process blog.

Like I mentioned before, earlier in May my boyfriend graduated with his Bachelor's degree in Studio Art. Like whaaaaa?! HE'S DONE! Well for now, at least. We're talking about grad school for him which is pretty exciting. Depending on what happens with that will definitely influence our next move (both figuratively and literally). He also put together a solo show at a local gallery that opened the night before graduation and it turned out amazing. It was really inspiring to see someone work so hard for so long and finally see it all come to fruition. He had a pretty good turn out and got tons of compliments so I definitely wasn't the only one who was impressed! As important as completing our undergraduate degrees was to us, I'm pretty relieved that we're both finally done with that part of our lives. I'm sure if any of you have done it or are in the thick of it right now you know how demanding and draining school can be! We're excited to move on to the next thing.

Okay that was kind of a lot of stuff but it was stuff I'd been meaning to share for a while now so at least we're all caught up! I'm starting to go back to the gym this week (yikes!) so expect an update on that soon. Happy June everybody!



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