I'm starting some freelance work for a local creative group and my first project is a logo for a local fiber arts store. The owner is interested in the Art Nouveau movement so I've been looking for inspo. Here's my top 6 sources so far:


Broods did a cover of Drake's "One Dance" and I've had it on repeat. So. Good.
I really enjoyed their first album a lot but for some reason I'm still trying to get into their second one.
It's still really good though!

Image via DIY


I interviewed for a job like two weeks ago and I'm dyyyyyying to hear back from them. They said they'd let me know what their decision is either way but it's been TWO WEEKS. (And yes, I've followed up but I still haven't gotten any responses.) I'm trying not to let it bug me too much but it's hard. It would be a really awesome job to land but even if I didn't get it I would like to know for sure so I could just move on. I hate not knowing...


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