For each day of Black History Month, Spotify is creating playlists that highlight different Black icons in music. So far this one and a previous J Dilla playlist have been my favorite. I listened to a lot of jazz in my high school days (what up jazz band?!) so this playlist is pretty nostalgic. Also, very appropro for this upcoming Valentine's day. <3

One of my favorites: The great John Coltrane


I've been looking at lots of different hand lettering recently, mostly on Instagram.
My grandpa loaned me his calligraphy set and I loved playing around with it. This past weekend I was in Albuquerque and picked up a few things from an art store to start my own collection. I'm attracted to both classic gothic lettering and whimsical brush lettering so I'm excited to experiment and see what I come up with!

Photo via Sachin Shah

Photo via Anchor Supply

Photo via Amanda Pel Arneill


Bored at work


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