Drawing a blank


I have a love/hate relationship with it.

It's one of those things where if I feel at all pressured to do it, I simply won't. P.S. I'm really a toddler. Jk, but for some reason I've always had that (toddler-like) approach to it. I think all of us love to draw when we're little, and it totally makes sense! We finally learn how to hold a pencil, control our extremities,  and it keeps us occupied for like 10 minutes which has parents everywhere rejoicing. It involves dogs/flowers/dinosaurs/other "kid stuff" and probably tons of colors. It's a skill set above coloring (finally, am I right kids?!) that we can master before learning cursive. Anyway, what I'm getting at here is that I loooooooved drawing when I was a kid. Aside from reading and eating Cheetos, it was like my main thing.

Fast forward to approximately 10 years later: I went to college and majored in art and I was like forced to draw all the time. I hated it. Something about being told when and why to draw was a total turn off. Now, only every once in a while do I get the urge to draw without feeling resentment. Some may call it dramatic, but I call it real life.  I've recently gotten back into drawing and listed some of my favorite tools below. In my opinion, having the right tools is part of the fun!

1. The cutest mini ruler ever! I originally got mine for a typography class but it comes in really handy when drawing too.
2. Rose. Gold. Pencil. It's like the new iPhone of mechanical pencils. It's super durable and the only one I use!
3. Moleskines are my ride or die sketchbook. 
I love the plain and gridded paper- lined is for losers. Their planners are dope too, btw.
4. Microns are a staple. Also, the colored ones are way fun!
5/6. Erasers aren't glamorous but they can make all the difference while drawing. My go-to is the Pro Art Drafting eraser. I swear it can erase the darkest marks without damaging the paper. It's perfection, but sometimes it's hard to find. When I can't find those I go with Pentel's Hi-Polymer eraser. This guy get's the job done, too!

So that's my really nerdy post about drawing tools. (Which is essentially just a list of office supplies, I just realized). Anything else I should add?!


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