I was recently visiting my grandma and we somehow ended up going through old pictures that she has. Basically the ultimate #TBT, right?! She has TONS of photos that I swear she never shares with anyone. She's an oddly private person. Anyway, my parents just celebrated their 24 year anniversary so photos of them in their young years were the ones that peaked my interest the most. Below is documentation of puppy love in the late 80's and early 90's.

My parents at prom. I'm digging my mom's kitten heels that perfectly match her dress.

My mom holding my freshly baptized cousin. Those shoulder pads tho.
My dad's senior photo. Still trying to figure out who convinced him to wear that powder blue suit. 

Wedding announcement photos. Bolo tie and perm in full force!

Going through old photos is such a trip! It's fun to see my parents pre-parenthood. They were probably more fun then. JK. 
Happy TBT!


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