Weekend Adventures/ Wish List Shopping

Welcome to my very late weekend adventures/ wish list update!

Awkward selfie with a smoothie.

I spent a portion of this past weekend with my SO at school while he was screen printing. I mostly bugged him and caught up on the latest season of Girls so it was a pretty productive Saturday IMO. We also got take-out sushi and smoothies (from different places, obvi). We hardly eat out any more so it was a nice treat! The sushi place had a few vegetarian options which I was happy about, but I often forget that not everything labeled vegetarian translates to vegan. We got a veggie tempura roll and realized after ordering it that the tempura batter probably contained eggs or even milk... It was a bummer but I still ate it cuz #food. I just learned I'll have to be more careful when eating out.

Washing out screens.

On Sunday I spent the afternoon shopping with my mom for two very specific items: a pair of black Levi skinny jeans and the 501 Gradient New Balance sneakers. Unfortunately, I found neither.

I've had my eye on New Balance sneakers for literally months. I found a pair I LOVED not too long ago but they didn't have my size. Without trying the actual pair of shoes on I'm hesitant to buy them online because I always have the worst luck with shoe sizing! I'm hoping they have my size now cuz I'm totally ready to bite the bullet on some new kicks. (Insert sunglasses emoji here.)

The Levi jeans had been on my list for a while because I've started wearing jeans more and figured it would be a good idea to invest in a pair (or two) of quality jeans. A few years ago it was only once in a blue moon I would wear jeans because I was usually frolicking around in cute dresses and skirts. This allowed me to buy lower quality, and therefore cheaper, jeans. My style has evolved into a lower maintenance phase which in turn means more days spent in jeans and a t-shirt. I've gone through a few pairs of Target/Old Navy/Forever21 jeans within in the past year or so and I am finally down to one. last. pair. They just happen to be a pair of ill fitting Target jeggings with holes in the knees. Aside from my work jeans these are the only pair I've been wearing and they're not really working for me. Firstly, THEY DON'T FIT. My waist slimmed down a bit in the past couple of months which is cool, but now I find myself constantly having to pull them up. So annoying! Secondly, they have huge holes in the knees (yes, I bought them like that so it's my fault, I know). When I bought them they were meant to be a super casual/fun addition to my relatively plain jeans selection. But now that all of those "plain" jeans are out of the picture, I find that wearing these saggy jeggings with holes in the knees all the time makes me feel really sloppy! No bueno. Anyway, wish me luck on my jean hunting endeavor. Finding a pair of jeans to fit over my hips and butt is a challenge in itself. I'm sure some of you can empathize.

This week is already almost over and I'm excited! Hopefully I'll find at least one of the two items I've been looking for. I'll be venturing to El Paso this weekend with my boo so we can shop till we drop! Jk, I'll just be shopping within my budget until I get hungry and want to go home.


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