Weekend Adventures

Cover art for Sorrytown's Flowerbed

This weekend I finally got to see the band Sorrytown play.

I say finally because I've been telling my friend that's in the band that I'd go see them play for like the past two months. I'm kind of a shitty friend... but at least I went!

Anyway, I guess it was worth the wait cuz they were amaaaaaazing! For real, they sounded great live and had amazing energy. My pal was jumping all over the amps and off the walls and shit- it was cray. Aside from them sounding great, you could also just tell that they all had a lot of passion for what they were doing. Plus, their genre of music (self described "alternative, emo, punk, rock, and indie rock") took me back to my middle school days. Nostalgic but modern, I can dig it. If you're into that sort of thing you should check out their Facebook and watch the music video they just released!

Aside from going to that show I basically spent the rest of the weekend sleeping in. Sleeping is one of my favorite hobbies that I kind of had to put on hold since I was focusing on being productive recently. But now, let me tell you, my weekend ritual of sleeping in is back in full force.


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