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Long time no blog! I'm back.

I've been somewhat busy recently with a new project a few friends and myself put together- Rio Sangre Print Collective. A little over a month ago we all got together and decided to split the cost of some paper and the rest is history! JK, not really though. A lot of stuff happened between then and now but that's essentially how it all got started.

Our booth at the Southwest Print Fiesta

This past weekend we participated in the Southwest Print Fiesta in Silver City. It's the first event of its kind in Southern New Mexico (as far as I know) and I'm so grateful we got to be a part of it! Basically printmakers from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico got together to print, talk about prints, and buy prints. Pretty much a bunch of nerdy printing stuff. The main part of the event that we participated in was setting up as a vendor and selling our prints together. Being that we're a rather new collective we don't really have a group aesthetic or theme; we kind of just printed what we wanted to and brought it all together. It kept things pretty interesting and I think it works for us.

A couple of new prints I made!

Overall it was a really good experience. We met and talked with printmakers from other cities, states, and countries (looking at u Mexico)! We got to see what people were working on and how they were getting access to equipment. Honestly, that's the most interesting part to me. Printmaking can require some really specific types of equipment/supplies and getting your hands on them can be pretty difficult at times. There's not really open printmaking studios laying around so learning about how other printmakers make things happen with limited equipment is inspiring. The guy next to our booth had bought an old press of Craigslist and assembled it himself. There were no instructions provided though- only photos. This was a true WTF moment. Who does that?! His prints were pretty cool, too.

Desert Triangle Print Carpeta purchased a couple prints from me. Check out their blog for more  photos from that weekend!

I hope our group can keep creating more work and participating in local events. We'll probably have a few of our things up for sale soon so keep an eye out for that!

P.s. Here's our Insta. <3


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