Is it really that important to eat?

Jk. I know it's important to eat and I know it's even more important to eat well.

I'm having a really hard time staying motivated to meal prep and cook lately! I'm definitely turning to junk food more often and I'm FEELING it. My skin keeps breaking out and my pants aren't as comfortable. Also I just feel so sloooooooow. I'm sharing a bit of meal prep stuff I did last week because sharing stuff (even if no one really sees it, lol) makes me more accountable and I can also look back at times that I meal prepped and remind myself that it's not as terrible as I think it is.


First up is my classic go to prepped lunch: steamed brown rice, steamed veggies, and crispy tofu topped with homemade hoisin sauce. I always forget how good this is! It seems like it might be boring but it never is. Honestly, the hoisin sauce makes this dish. It's sweet, spicy, and savory all at the same time! Also pictured is some bananas that are about to be frozen. This isn't really meal prepping cuz I literally just stick bananas in the freezer, but I use frozen bananas in smoothies almost every morning so it's part of my routine for sure.

The other meal I prepped last week were falafel salads. I've made falafels before and they came out really good! The only part I don't like about making falafels is that it can be hard to get the mixture blended well since I don't have a food processor. I've never used one before but every time I watch someone make falafels in a food processor on youtube or whatever it looks a lot easier so... I'm jealous. Anyway I already had the chickpeas and salad dressing so I just had to purchase the veggies which were like cheap as hell.

Last week was a successful meal prep week and I'm pretty much failing at it this week but you can't win them all!


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